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Expert Tree Services

Our team of experts will work with you to assess the health of your trees and determine what needs to be done to keep them healthy. We will also work with you to identify when a tree is beyond saving and needs to be removed for the health of your yard. Our services include:


  • Tree Pruning

    Pruning on trees located in urban environments is a very important part of maintaining your trees and keeping them happy & healthy to insure longevity. We offer pruning services for maintenance as well as services that have a specific goal like clearance from structures/utilities. Improper pruning practices can severely damage, mutilate & potentially even kill your tree.

    Many individuals are unaware of just how much knowledge about tree biology goes into every cut - that is where we come in! Our staff of highly skilled arborists is heavily trained to be certain that every cut made will achieve your goals while not risking damage to the tree. We take great pride in our pruning & are passionate about doing our part to protect our community’s greenspace!


  • Tree Removal

    Do you have a tree that is becoming a problem & needs to be removed? Our team of expert arborists can help! We are very experienced at removing anything from small shrubs to towering behemoths with the assistance of our crane!

    We have the staff, equipment and training to deal with any sort of removal needs that you may require. Our company places safety as our top priority which is why we have all employees go through CPR, First-aid, and the Electrical Hazard Awareness Program. You can trust that our arborists will safely make your tree problems disappear.


  • Land Clearing

    In addition to residential/commercial services, we also provide land clearing services. Whether you plan on building, or if you just want to reclaim some overgrown land, we can offer a service that suits your needs.

    We also offer forestry mulching! If you have an area that needs the trees & vegetation removed, then reach out today to get your free quote that we will tailor to your specific needs.


  • Emergency Services

    It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes our beloved trees fail due to storms, old wounds, or other natural events. When this happens you can trust that we can help! We offer 24 hour emergency services for tree failures. It may be impossible to safely perform the work if the weather event is still going on, but we can usually mitigate the threat by bracing the tree in some manner to protect your property.

    You can put your mind at ease that our highly skilled arborists will safely deal with your emergency situation and minimize any further damage that was caused.

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Common Questions

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, we carry a two million dollar insurance policy to cover our operations. We also carry a worker's compensation policy to make sure that our staff is protected.
Why is it important to prune trees?

Pruning trees in an urban environment is crucial to the future health of the tree. Proper pruning can greatly increase the longevity of the tree, reduce the amount of deadwood that the tree produces, provide necessary clearances from utilities & structures, and provide the opportunity for the arborist to perform a thorough inspection of the tree. It is extremely important that proper pruning practices are used to avoid causing severe damage to the tree.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, we do offer free quotes. An appointment can be scheduled for a certified arborist to take a look at your project. If preferred, a certified arborist can look at the project without an appointment and provide a quote over email. 

Do I need to be home when a quote is given?

We generally try to set up an appointment to provide a free quote. It allows us to go over detailed perimeters of the scope of work & address concerns. If unable to set an appointment, a certified arborist can look at the project & provide a free quote via email.

What is a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is somebody that has gone through documented training & passed an exam that demonstrates proof of knowledge. It is highly recommended that all tree projects have a certified arborist involved to avoid causing irreparable damage to your trees.

What does a tree project cost?

The cost of a tree project can vary greatly. Many factors are considered while putting a monetary value on a project such as: targets that can be damaged, hazards that will need to be mitigated & the amount of time that the work will take to be completed. A core value of Duffey Tree Care is to provide you with an exceptional service while also offering competitive pricing. 

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